My how time flies!  Certain things have a way of making you feel older than you really are (ahem…or maybe you’re in denial about it…that, I am).  Most of the time it’s your kids getting older and they reach certain milestones in life.  I can say that I’m feeling a little older today, but not because of my own child, but because of this beautiful young lady!  Seems like I’ve known Sophie forever!  I’ll always remember her as the sweet and quiet little girl who would be in her mom’s classroom after school.  One that was never afraid to play with our kids in the halls of the high school while we attended a sporting event my husband was at.  Even more recently, she’s become a wonderful babysitter for our children, on that off chance the hubby and I get to go out.  And now, here she is, in her senior year of high school!

I had the pleasure of taking Sophie’s sister’s senior photos several years ago, so I was over the moon thrilled when I was asked to take hers!  Both Sophie, and her sister Shelby, are seniors this year.  We commemorated the occasion by taking some photos of the two of them together.  We also tried desperately to get a good shot of the girls and their mom, Leslie, with my Instax camera!  Boy, I have some learning to do with that thing!  While the weather threatened us for a bit in the beginning, by the end of our time together the skies opened up and we ended up finishing our time with the most beautiful light.  A light that I can’t help but feel resembles the warmth and kindness that exudes from Sophie herself 🙂



Are you ready to keep up with the Jones’?!  This family is very near and dear to my heart as we have known them for quite a long time!  I used to babysit their oldest when he was just a baby and I’ve had the honor of photographing their growing family since!  Our families enjoyed several years of small group together and Libby and I are often texting about our chickens (and children).  It’s been so much fun to see their family grow and even more fun to get to walk together with them through this journey of family life.  I cannot image what it must be like to have a family full of boys!  But I imagine it’s both crazy and beautiful at the same time!  Take a peek at our time together!



Mother’s Day is quickly approaching!  Let’s be honest, it’s one of those things that has a tendency to sneak up on you!  I have the PERFECT gift solution for your mom!  Photographs!  Shocking, I know 🙂  What better way to show your hard working mom some love love than to give the gift of photography!  Whether you’re a mom yourself and you want to document yourself with your kiddos, or maybe just want photos of the kids together, or better yet, get the family together for some family photos, consider scheduling your family for one of my Mother’s Day Mini Sessions.  I’m currently scheduling for Saturday, April 30th and Saturday, May 7th.  If you’d like to get on the schedule simply go here to request an appointment.  I’d so love to work with you and your family to make Mother’s Day extra special!



The crabapple trees around here this time of year are simply breathtaking!  I find myself staring at them as I drive, not always paying attention to the road as I should.  As soon as I saw the trees blooming this year I had a strong desire to take sister out for a shoot in her Easter dress.  Honestly, I should be better about taking them out individually around their birthdays to take their pictures, just to document their growth through the year.  Maybe that’s a goal for this year.

I knew that snow was scheduled in the forecast soon.  Not your typical light, fluffy, melt-as-it-hits, snow, but the heavy damaging kind.  So, we seized the opportunity of an extra day off school to take these beautiful images of her.  It was a little cold, and there was a little complaining, but I feel like I was able to capture her how I see her.  Bright and bubbly, but also cautious and contemplative.  Plus, I was able to be a little more artistic, which I love!

So, yes, I will be more intentional about taking these types of photos of my kids this year.  Not only can I record them from year to year, but it gives me a chance to have some precious one on one time with them, which we so rarely get.  It’s the little things!