My Sweet Little Girl

The crabapple trees around here this time of year are simply breathtaking!  I find myself staring at them as I drive, not always paying attention to the road as I should.  As soon as I saw the trees blooming this year I had a strong desire to take sister out for a shoot in her Easter dress.  Honestly, I should be better about taking them out individually around their birthdays to take their pictures, just to document their growth through the year.  Maybe that’s a goal for this year.

I knew that snow was scheduled in the forecast soon.  Not your typical light, fluffy, melt-as-it-hits, snow, but the heavy damaging kind.  So, we seized the opportunity of an extra day off school to take these beautiful images of her.  It was a little cold, and there was a little complaining, but I feel like I was able to capture her how I see her.  Bright and bubbly, but also cautious and contemplative.  Plus, I was able to be a little more artistic, which I love!

So, yes, I will be more intentional about taking these types of photos of my kids this year.  Not only can I record them from year to year, but it gives me a chance to have some precious one on one time with them, which we so rarely get.  It’s the little things!


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